THROUGH lock down therapy is available. Online sessions


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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy for adults, adolescents and children. I work with a variety of difficulties, helping my clients through life changes, anxiety, self-esteem, abuse. My aim is to assist my clients in healing to the point of feeling better about themselves and their relationships.

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Couples Therapy

Our intimate relationships are often our private worlds which we seldom share. Couples therapy offers a private space to work through the challenges and struggles of ones intimate relationship. I assist couples with communication struggles, disconnection, growing apart, infidelity and sexual dissatisfaction.

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Family Therapy

Families offer a unique dynamic, both in the individual relationships therein and as a closed group. I assist families in dealing with loss, trauma and illness, assisting with strained relationships, adjusting to changes in the family (divorce, blended families), communication and transitions in life stages. The aim is to experience more satisfactory and rewarding family relationships.

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Group Training

Training for groups, including corporate organizations. I provide customized training for groups. Training is predominantly on soft skills such as interviewing, telephone etiquette, empathy, identifying emotions, stress management, assertiveness skills, leadership training as well as developed on specific request.

About Me

Clinical psychologist in private practice in Pretoria. I help struggling individuals find fulfillment in their personal lives through best practice and evidence based psychotherapeutic techniques. I assist individuals (children, teens and adults), couples, families and groups in their journey. In addition, I offer clinical supervision, stress management, dealing with burnout, group talks. Take a look around my site for more information.

  • I relate therefore I am. Thus, how I impact on you and you impact on me determines the nature and quality of our being

  • I enjoy explaining the mysteries of the human condition in simple words. I like to help people all over the world feel understood, confront their joys and pains, and be motivated to change. All this gives me energy when I wake up in the morning.

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