March 23, 2021

Online Zoom Therapy

Virtual practice:

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Therapy needs a few ingredients to be effective, a therapist and a setting. To be a productive therapeutic space in book the setting needs to offer a tranquil, calm or therapeutic environment and confidentiality. For me, these are core to my virtual practice, creating not just an internet or online medium for therapy, but a virtual experience of therapy. My virtual room includes a setting conducive for me to offer therapy with these ingredients intact. From your side, a confidential quiet space would be optimal for you.

Virtual therapy is the modern medium for therapy and continues to become increasingly more popular. This is face-to-face therapy just in a different medium, via zoom rather than you being in my consulting room. The convenience factor plays in here, where the time taken to drive to the consulting room is factored out, accessibility of services has increased in a big way.

I have been consulting via virtual means for a number of years, however COVID-19 pandemic has without doubt fast tracked this medium for attending to ones’ mental health. I think it is quite wonderful, you can now access a clinician beyond your ‘most convenient location’. You can choose who you would like to consult across the country, across the globe, selecting the best fit for you! How incredible!!

And… research in a few different studies show that online therapy is “at least equal to traditional in-office settings” (Mallen, Michael J.; Vogel, Rochlen and Day (November 2005). “Online Counseling Reviewing the Literature From a Counseling Psychology Framework”. The Counseling Psychologist 33 (6): 819–871.)

Both online and in-person, I provide psychological services in line with my client’s needs, we are still working at resolving what you seek assistance for. Accessing mental health services in this way means you access professional help irrespective of the location. Be it with me or a different psychologist it is a requirement that we are registered to practice as independent psychologists and the psychologist you consult should have the credentials to provide that therapeutic assistance.

Though, virtual therapy is effective there are some limitations. If there are situations at play that are a threat to you or other or you are in an emergency situation, it is recommended that you seek assistance in person or attend a hospital nearby. In these instances please contact:

  • Medical doctor
  • SADAG: 011-234 4837 / 0800 70 80 90 / 0800 21 22 23
  • Suicide Crisis Line: 0800 567 567
  • Life Line: 0861 322 322 / 011-728 1347 / 012-342 2222

For all bookings, please book via the online scheduler on the bookings page.

For reception contact Alet on 010 013 0381 or Hours available: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 16:00.


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