Fees/Rates for 2024

Payment can be made via medical aid or card.

Medical Aid: Clients making use of a medical aid are charged approved rates and funds claimed directly from the medical aid. If sufficient medical funds are available, no co-payments exist. Clients remain responsible for accounts, if not covered by medical aid. It is recommended that clients check whether there are sufficient funds available. You can do so directly with the medical scheme prior to initiating therapy.

Private Payment: Alternatively, accounts may be settled via card after the consultation at the practice. Rates for 2024 are R1200.00 per 51 – 60 minute session.

Please Note: All accounts are to be settled at the session. If medical aid claims are rejected or sessions are invoiced for specific agreed upon reasons, the account is to be settled within 30 days of invoicing. After 90 days, accounts will be handed over for debt collection.

Cancellations: Please allow at least 24 hours notice when cancelling a session. Sessions cancelled without 24 hour notice will be charged for in full.

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