Psycho Educational Assessment Key Reasons by Nqobile Kweyama and Tamana Dhaja

Reasons for Psycho Educational Assessment

Article by Nqobile Kweyama and Tamana Dhaja Having your child assessed can be important for several reasons, as it can provide valuable insights into their development, well-being, and educational needs. Here are some key reasons why assessing your child is important: Early Identification of Issues: Assessments can help identify developmental, cognitive, emotional, or behavioral issues Read more about Reasons for Psycho Educational Assessment[…]

Neurodiversity in South Africa

Neurodiversity in South Africa

Neurodiversity is a term that refers to the diversity of human brains and the natural variation in cognitive functioning.

Neurodivergent individuals are those who have neurological differences that may affect their thinking, behavior, and perception of the world. This includes conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and others. […]

Relationships under lock-down and a splash of sex!

Let’s talk sex! Come as You Are by Dr Emily Nagoski A stripped down read on female sexuality and sexual functioning. In the book Come as You Are, sex educator Dr Emily Nagoski unpacks female sexual functioning. Talking genitalia, arousal, unhelpful and harmful sexual narratives learnt through childhood. This is a great read for all, Read more about Relationships under lock-down and a splash of sex![…]

Sian’s 2018 Recommended Psychology Books

In 2018 I set out wanting to read a psychology-related book per month. Over the last few years, I found little time to read applied psychology books. I have generally opted for gaining applied knowledge through podcasts, TED talks, social media and so forth. This year was my year of getting back into books (and yes Read more about Sian’s 2018 Recommended Psychology Books[…]


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