Relationships under lock-down and a splash of sex!

Let’s talk sex!

Come as You Are by Dr Emily Nagoski

A stripped down read on female sexuality and sexual functioning. In the book Come as You Are, sex educator Dr Emily Nagoski unpacks female sexual functioning. Talking genitalia, arousal, unhelpful and harmful sexual narratives learnt through childhood.

This is a great read for all, understand all about the biological and social aspects of sex, the vulva, female orgasm, sexual fulfillment and the social behaviour.

In line with the book, Dr Emily Nagoski is a guest speaker on The Knowledge Project. The description of the podcast: “Demystifies the science of sexuality and shows us how to shed our insecurities, connect more closely with our partner, and define pleasure on our own terms.” ~

Love, Loss, Loneliness (and a Pinch of humor!) Under Lockdown by Esther Perel!

Of course Esther Perel features on my list! Esther Perel is an incredible mind in psychology! I so relate, link and feel a sense of affirmation listening and reading her works, I feel it well aligned to my thinking!

We function in a relational world and that has been jolted in a massive way. Our whole worlds have shifted, we now perform multiple roles under one roof, natural boundaries of coming and going that helped separate have been stopped, we have to create boundaries and share these differently. We need to create connection while remaining socially distant. And there is so much more. In the lockdown series Esther Perel unpacks these. I am loving this four part workshop series.


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