What is it like to consult with a psychologist?

Deciding to see a psychologist or attend therapy is a very personal decision. If you have not seen a psychologist before, it might feel strange or you may feel nervous to consult as we usually keep our struggles to ourselves or talk to people close to us about these. It may be difficult talking to someone that you do not know. You may feel unsure how to start or maybe wonder whether you will be able to clearly tell your story. This is normal and okay and after the first session you may well feel quite relieved.

As a psychologist I am highly trained to work with you through your journey, to be with you in your pain and to work through it towards finding solutions that fit with you as a unique individual. I understand that this is not an easy journey and will walk it with you, yes I will challenge you at times and maybe assist you to think about things in different ways. My aim will always be to assist you in the direction that you are hoping to move towards, that is in line with your goals for therapy. This is a different process to friendships or having a chat to friend. Often talking to someone that is not involved in your life is both rewarding and relieving.

It is important to keep in mind that you may need to attend a few sessions prior to feeling as though there is change or that your struggle is being resolved. For this though, it is also important to keep in mind that regular and frequent consultation will most likely result in better outcomes. It is difficult to work through struggles and achieve progress if the client misses sessions regularly or fluctuates in their commitment to the therapeutic process.

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