Brené Brown -The Power of Vulnerability!

I have been a fan of Brené Brown for some time. She shares views (based on research) on vulnerability, guilt, shame and how to be happy in a practical accessible way. 

The audiobook version of Brené Brown’s book “The Power of Vulnerability” is quite incredible. This is one of her many books, availability in print and audio. Brené Brown is a social worker with a special interest in shame and vulnerability research.  

Her research put’s a lot of the psychotherapy work I do into perspective. It ties beautifully into self-actualization and our strive as human’s to be happy. In addition, the way she speaks and shares her knowledge is so easily accessible, simply put she totally nailed it! This has to be one of the most insightful and valuable books I have come across.

The many “BOOM” moments that I experienced and the YES, THAT’S IT! She really encapsulates difficult abstract concepts in accessible ways.This is a book that covers the areas we each deal with in daily living, in interaction and in seeking self-actualization. I really can recommend this book as a beautiful and insightful read. 

To have some more perspective of Brené Brown and her work, watch her TED Talk on “The Power of Vulnerability” as well as  “Listening to Shame“.




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