Vrouekeur Article: Should you fight back during a robbery

Crime in South Africa is an all too frequent occurrence. One where people are under threat in their homes, a place meant to be synonymous with safety.  Recently Shanda Luyt, a jornalist from Vrouekeur magazine contacted me for input on what she described as an increase of potential victims fighting back when under threat of Read more about Vrouekeur Article: Should you fight back during a robbery[…]

Brené Brown -The Power of Vulnerability!

I have been a fan of Brené Brown for some time. She shares views (based on research) on vulnerability, guilt, shame and how to be happy in a practical accessible way.  The audiobook version of Brené Brown’s book “The Power of Vulnerability” is quite incredible. This is one of her many books, availability in print and audio. Read more about Brené Brown -The Power of Vulnerability![…]


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