Couples in Conflict: The Dance and New Steps Forward

Relationships: Model 2018

Relationships in this day and age are different. What many seek are more meaningful, fulfilling connections within one relationship. As Esther Perel puts it, we expect within one relationship what a village would have previously provided.

A More Fulfilling Relationship May Benefit from a New Lens

Understanding relationships with a new lens can be rewarding and bring a renewed connection within a couple relationship.

Rebranding Relationships: Understanding the Dance

To borrow from marketing terminology, couples therapy and processes of healing relationships sometimes need a rebrand, a fresh look with a change in direction. In rebranding a relationship, understanding the dance between you and your partner is vital and where the ‘stepping on toes’ is taking place. Next is learning steps that are more rewarding and in a direction that you as a couple want to take it.

An Esther Perel YouTube clip 

This is a helpful video clip that looks a communications and criticism in relationship, which often form part of the dance in a couple in conflict.  


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