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Tips for socialising, starting conversations, thinking of relevant topics (that is not as limiting as talking about the weather). Esther Perel, Belgium born, New York based family therapist is an inspiring clinician. The way she works and her therapeutic thinking is in line with how I practice as a clinician. She conceptualizes the modern human experience in line with worldly developments and  progression in the field of psychological thinking, bringing it in line with the way the world works now. I will reflect more closely on her work and ideas around couples in a future blog post. For now, though, we look at initiating conversation – the very start of developing relationships (friendship and intimate). 

In her video, Perel gives some tips on initiating social contact and what to talk about in those awkward moments in starting a conversation. These are some really helpful tips for those struggling to meet people and make friends, looking at others and thinking “they make it look so easy”.

Self-esteem, shyness, social awkwardness can be major barriers to meeting people, making friends, and going on dates. Social media also contributes to distance in social contact as we can text, WhatsApp, Facebook, Insta and so forth rather than talking or face-to-face contact. The more frequent one withdraws from face-to-face contact and climbs into the social media world, the more difficult it becomes to create social chit chat.

Human beings are social creatures, we need social contact. It is imperative for our mental health. Social chit chat leads to connecting with the human experience. This can develop into emotional connectivity, sharing and contact. In essence, breaking social isolation and loneliness. 

Take a look at the video below for some valuable tips in working towards expanding social skills.

Start Conversations with Confidence

We all want to create meaningful connections with others. Human connection and being seen by another person is a fundamental human experience. But if you’re a shy person, how do you begin to connect? Here’s my advice for initiating conversations with confidence. Tag a friend who would enjoy this.

Posted by Esther Perel on Monday, 1 May 2017



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