How Stress Affects The Body & What To Do About It

How stress affects the bodyWe live fast pace, high stress lives and often don’t create time to deal with what’s on our plate. Stress can take a huge toll on the body and have major impact on you emotionally and physically. Only you can make time for you, be it to learn how to effectively handle what is on your plate or to actively develop ways of managing the demands in your life (this is a constant, not a once off).

In this high pace world it can be real hard finding spaces for relaxation, de-stressing and bringing yourself to the here-and-now. Most individuals function in multiple contexts, juggling work, home, child rearing, friendships, family dynamics and so much more. These can spill over into each other and create a sense of being overwhelmed, unable to cope or feeling out of control.

Stress has a major impact on ones body, sleep, daily functioning, health, body-image, self-esteem, levels of anxiety and so much more.

How you recognize your levels of stress and where you store your stress (involuntary muscle contraction building tension in specific muscle areas) are the first steps in dealing with your stress. These can greatly assist you in coping with your daily demands and avoiding burnout (or if it’s already there, dealing with your burnout so you feel more you).

I assist clients in gaining self-awareness of where the store stress and tension and then doing something about it! Recognizing where you store stress is step 1, each of us has muscular stress zones where we hold onto tension. Learning how this feels and then how to release the physical tension has incredible pay off to increasing our coping skills and reducing our stress (and anxiety). Then by reducing the tension, the added bonus is the cloud hovering over you may start to dissipate and you can more adequately deal with the items you are holding on to.

There are some simple techniques that can have really powerful effects and once you know them you can do them on your own at home or at the office. I will explore some of them in articles as we go!




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