The Search for Love

“Love isn’t “deserved”, as in: If only I had said the right thing, made the perfect gesture, or found a way to be more, to be good enough, then I would deserve love. We don’t become worthy of love someday; we are worthy of love simply because we exist” ~ Meggan Watterson The Search for Read more about The Search for Love[…]

How Stress Affects The Body & What To Do About It

We live fast pace, high stress lives and often don’t create time to deal with what’s on our plate. Stress can take a huge toll on the body and have major impact on you emotionally and physically. Only you can make time for you, be it to learn how to effectively handle what is on Read more about How Stress Affects The Body & What To Do About It[…]

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

“An anxious mind cannot exist in a relaxed body” ~ Dr Edmund Jacobson Dr. Edmund Jacobson (a medical doctor) invented the technique, Jacobson’s Relaxation, in 1929 stemming from his belief that relaxing specific muscles in sequence could relax the mind as well. This is a reciprocal inhibition technique which as described by Joseph Wolpe (a Read more about Progressive Muscle Relaxation[…]


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